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21 January 2016

Share your #bestmomentoftheday with Jacuzzi !

The #bestmomentoftheday is often related to the upcoming weekend.

For example, the thought of days with friends in a ski resort enjoying a breath-taking view in a Jacuzzi helps to overcome boring hours. Everyone has the weekend of dreams: the discovery of a city, a massage in a spa, the view of the sea or the visit to a person that we have not seen for a long time. There is no 'right' answer to the bestmomentoftheday, because it is very personal, like the Jacuzzi experience.

We are really interested in what makes your best moments, so share with us your #bestmomentoftheday and you will could win a pair of Jacuzzi sunglasses, and, above all it will help you to remember those important moments of your life. We hope they will not remain in the past and they could be lived again by you and those who love Jacuzzi.


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