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healthy benefits of hydromassage

15 February 2016

The Healthy Benefits of the Hydromassage

The #bestmomentoftheday also has therapeutic properties and hydromassage that is suitable for any type of body and level of stress.

Some people need a vigorous jet in order to loosen the knots in the muscle mass, whilst others need to be lulled by hot and soothing water, thereby refreshing their ideas and relaxing the body.

Hydromassage produces important effects in treating pathologies linked to problems of blood circulation in the legs like varicose veins, but also in the case of osteoarthritis, chronic extra-articular inflammatory rheumatism, outcomes of trauma or surgery, oedemas. Balneotherapy, in particular through hydromassage, is very useful in the cure of venous diseases.

Baths with hydromassage are also a good remedy for chronic rheumatism and bromyalgia in general. It is also indicated for chronic bronchitis, nephritis, menstrual pains, gastric and intestinal disorders and as a palliative measure for gallstones and kidney stones.


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