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03 December 2015

US ski team in Beaver Creek

In Beaver Creek the eyes of all spectators will be on the men's U.S. Ski Team, the 2015-2016 team will be without Bode Miller, but the team is still brimmed with top athletes. Ted Ligety and Travis Ganong are the most famous, and in the A-Team there are also David Chodounksy, Tim Jitloff, Steven Nyman, Marco Sullivan and Andrew Weibrecht. The rising stars are in the B and C teams include: Michael Ankeny, Thomas Biesemeyer, Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Tommy Ford, Jared Goldberg, Nolan Kasper, Kieffer Christianson, Hig Roberts and Wiley Maple. For many reasons the American men's team is less publicized than women's team, the covers of the magazines are generally for Vonn, Mancuso, Shiffrin.

The men's team has always done well in Beaver Creek, on Birds of Prey, its most famous ski slope. The final part, called Golden Eagle, is used for slalom and giant slalom, while the track as a whole is home for downhill and super-G and it is considered one of the most challenging tracks of the World Cup.

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