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J-3000™ 16' Swim Spa

Powered by two 3 horsepower pumps with two PowerPro® Swim Active Flo jets the Jacuzzi® J-3000™ 16' Swim Spa has an interior which has been carefully designed incorporating suction inlets and hips which eliminate the reflective wave which delivers a predictable current of water to deliver a great swim experience.

The adjustable SwimFlex jet system allows you to set the speed of current from 0km/h up to 5km/h ensuring a current that is suitable from beginner through to more experienced swimmers, whilst optional training equipment also offers the possibility for aquatic training.

For those who want to relax or want to enjoy a hydromassage after training, the J-3000™ 16ft Swim Spa features four ergonomically designed seats including a cool down seat; each features a unique jet configuration with Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets.

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Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
472 x 236 x 135
Jet Technology
PowerPro® Swim Active Flo
Seating Capacity
3 People

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