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J-19 PowerPro™ 

Four, three horsepower pumps are combined with two Jacuzzi® PowerPro® PX jets designed to shred vortex and an additional buoyancy jet to deliver a wide, predictable water current to create the perfect swimming experience. In addition the interior has been carefully developed to eliminate the reflective wave thanks to carefully positioned hips and suction inlets.

The easily adjustable current ranges from 0km/h through to 10km/h creating the perfect swim from beginner through to professional athletes. A number of workout programs have been developed to help you with your workout and include timed workouts for those with a strict regime, pre-defined workouts to help increase swimming ability or fitness and a manual workout mode allowing you to control the water flow.

For those into fitness, underwater treadmill technology offers a low impact jogging or walking experience helping to manage or prevent joint pain that can occur from dry-land activities.

When your workout is over or for those looking to relax and unwind after a long day, four ergonomically designed seats including a cool down seat feature PowerPro® jets, each with a unique jet configuration to deliver the genuine Jacuzzi® hydromassage.

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Size Category
Dimensions (cm)
564 x 236 x 135
Jet Technology
Seating Capacity
2-3 People
j 4000 19 oh

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