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watsu all the benefits of shiatsu in water

12 June 2017

Watsu: all the benefits of a Shiatsu massage in water

When the Shiatsu technique combines with the benefits of hot water, Watsu comes to life. From the composition of the two words “water” and “shiatsu”, Watsu is a discipline that produces positive effects on body and mind.

How does it work?

Just like in Shiatsu, a session of Watsu consists on submitting the body to manipulations and pressures from a qualified masseur, which in this case is called watsuer. However, the watsuer, has the task of delivering the treatment to a floating body since Watsu is an activity that occurs in water: the therapeutic properties of water and warmth help to enhance the benefits of this technique, strengthening the effects of the massage.

What are the exercises carried out during a session of Watsu?

Accompanied by acupressure, usually there are stretching and rhythmic undulations: all light exercises aiming at dissolving the accumulated psycho-physical stresses.

What are the benefits of Watsu?

Here are all the benefits that this type of treatment provides

#1 A gentle but complete training experience

All the exercises and the practices carried out during a Watsu session, help to exercise the whole body without tiring it out. Floating in hot water facilitates the movements and give a sensation of extreme lightness.

#2 Deep relaxation

Watsu enhances the relaxation of the whole body, reaching the sensation of total rest and recovery felt only after a deep sleep. During the exercises the eyes are kept closed and the water gives the body a sensation of dynamic suspension that envelopes it with its warm temperatures.

#3 Relief of stress

The practice of Watsu helps in loosening the muscular stresses to reduce levels of stress: hot water, floating and the movements of the masseur increases the mobility of the joints and the release of all the stresses piled up on the muscles.

#4 Cardiovascular stimulation

Finally, Watsu stimulates blood flow. This is a consequence of light pressure from the stimulating effect of hot water on the human body, which benefits have also increased thanks to pressures released by the watsuer.


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